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02 19 12(no subject)
[1d] harry :)
I don't really update this journal anymore. I basically just use it for communities now. I'm mainly now on tumblr, twitter and last.fm. Feel free to add/follow me there. :)
[fotc] dg20 :)
Last night I got to see Flight of the Conchords in the 4th row (I'm still amazed that I was able to get tickets so amazingly close). I had a -perfect- view of Jemaine the entire time. I was literally right in front of him (but four rows back). I could see every little facial expression perfectly which made it even more funny. :) I was only able to go to the early show (I wanted to stay for the late show but didn't get tickets). Anyway, here's a review of the pure awesomeness that is Flight of the Conchords live.

Behind a cut because I"m going to make it really long because I don"t want to forget anything :) Also, I"ve got some pretty big (but quite blurry) pictures!Collapse )
04 16 09(no subject)
[1d] harry :)
A little over two weeks ago now, my Gateway laptop crashed. I was playing The Sims 2 and the screen just went black. No matter what I did, the screen stayed black. I even hooked it up to a monitor, but nothing showed up on the screen. When I restarted the computer, the CD/DVD drive would start spinning but that was it (none of those other noises it made upon turning on). I took it to Best Buy to see Geek Squad and they said that the motherboard was shot. I'm just pissed because even though I have an external harddrive, I hadn't backed up a lot of folders (school papers, pictures and icons and such). The guy from Geek Squad (who looked a lot like Simon Pegg) said they can transfer the files from my harddrive to my external HD for 100 bucks. I should do that eventually (just not now because I'm a little strapped for cash and I still don't have a job :x).

Since my laptop was going on 3 years old, I just decided to get an old one since I had money left from my school refund (which was actually a lot because I withdrew from housing for this semester). I bought a Macbook. :) I'd been dying to get one for ages and I figured this was a great chance to get one. I got the 13" aluminum Macbook (the cheaper one sans backlit keyboard). I absolutely love it. I've had it for just over two weeks (I got it on Tuesday two weeks ago) and I'm pretty used to most of the major differences now.

Oh, and Saturday I get to see Flight of the Conchords in Philly! I'll be at the early show. It's my first time ever getting to see them live so I'm so excited. Plus, my seats are in the 4TH ROW. I'm probably going to take my sister's digital camera with me (since it's much better than mine) to take tons of hopefully amazing pictures. :D I'll try and update about it on Sunday, but I don't know for sure since I have a huge presentation to prepare for Historiography on Monday. :( Boo.
02 02 09 - yesss.
[1d] harry :)
I got 4th row center (well, just off to the left of center) tickets to see Flight of the Conchords in Philly on April 18th (the early show).

I'm so flippin excited. Also, weird enough, on April 19th last year was when I saw the Kids in the Hall.

After a year of everything being terrible, something great finally happens. :)
07 10 08(no subject)
[1d] harry :)
Apologies for neglecting LJ since I got back from vacation. Between vacation, work and personal issues, I've been too exhausted to really post or anything. I haven't even gotten around to finishing writing about the trip (which was amazing, btw). =X So yeah. I'm going to try and be around more now. I want to make some more icons soon, too, but I haven't had much of a chance to lately. I'll get around to it, maybe this weekend?

Also, before I go, I just need to brag say that I got a new phone: the Samsung Blackjack 2. =) It's amazing and definitely way more than I need, but I figured what the hell. My mother and sister each got one so I'll get it, too.

Oh, and Tuesday I'll be going to another taping of the Daily Show. I'll definitely write all about that. =) Alright, I'm heading off to bed (I have to get up at 7 every week day now, boo). Cheers.
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